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I loved you and I’m sorry.

No Time Like the Present

I have to do this now
Before I get too afraid.
I know I’m ready.
I accepted it already.
It’s okay.
This has to happen.
The world will be better this way.

Out of all the lies I told

This one was the hardest to tell.

Good thing nobody needed to see my face while I spoke.

Future Lover, where ever you are…

We will find each other someday soon.
Then we’ll be able to:
> Game at night
> Have tea in the morning
> Cuddle whilst watching Orphan Black
> Kiss each other’s skin all over
> Surprise each other in cute ways
> Blast music in the car we can sing along to
> Feel comfortable with each other
> Love each other until the darkness in our hearts is vanquished.

And more.
So much more.
We’ll be on top of the world, you and I.

I just haven’t met you yet.


Nobody attracts me anymore because I’m too much of a pessimist. Also, I realise I watch a lot of cop dramas and I tend to start profiling the kind of person this person is.

And then profiling turns to me pointing out every bit that could go wrong and why it wouldn’t work and

Oh look suddenly they’re hideous to me.

Blegh. I’m going to be single or doomed to hook ups only forever.

I hate hooking up.

I need love.

I dislike big tits.

I like nice round handfuls.

Hello sunshine ❤

Today is my birthday!
Come say hello!

Kik: lunathirtytwo
Instagram: athenadivide